Don't worry, everybody forgets the alarm code sometimes.

Office Resources

Building Management

Company: CoVelop 

Main Contacts: 

  • Mark Emmons
    Construction Manager
    W: 805.781.3133 Ext. 106
    C: 805.459.9042
  • Brett Winters
    Construction Manager Assistant
    W:805.781.3133 Ext: 108
    C: 803.606.8241 

 Additional Contacts: 

  • Pat Arnold, Owner
  • Robert, Owner
  • Damian, Owner


Office Contact Info


  • Main Jam / Main Address: 1147 Marsh St.
  • Downstairs: 1155 Marsh St.
  • Upstairs: 1159 Marsh St. 
  • San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Phone: (805) 439-1288

Main Email:


Alarm System


All codes are the same on all floors.

  • Upstairs
    • Disarm: 1986 → Off
    • Arm: 1987 → Away
  • Downstairs
    • Disarm: 1986 → Off
    • Arm: 1987 → Away
  • Main Jam
    • Disarm: 1986 → Off
    • Arm: 1987 → Away


If you set the alarm off, follow the below instructions or call (805) 462-9150.

If you set off the alarm by putting in the code incorrectly, you can turn it off by inputting the correct code twice.

Example: Whoops → 1986 → Off → 1986 → Off 


Company: Integrity Systems


Dave Condit
W: (805) 462-9150
C: (805) 471-0904

Studio Accounts

We’ve got LOTS of softwares & systems we’re using around here, and they all require a password for entry. When in need, refer to this document.


Great news, M&A pays for all team members to have a 10hr parking pass.  Not only great for parking on the street right outside of the office, but can be used in all 10hr spots around San Luis Obispo. These are purchased on a quarterly basis free of charge to team members. Not that we needed another excuse for that after hours Sidecar cocktail 🙂

Office Supplies

Like any busy studio, we tend to fly through office supplies. If you notice that you’re using the last of something in a drawer, we ask that you please request for more of that item to be purchased through this Basecamp thread. The Studio Manager will use the company card to replenish the stock.

Shipping Requests

Need to ship something? Dylan is your gal. Please submit all shipping requests through this Basecamp thread, so that she can package & get them out in a timely manner. Be sure to follow the template provided so that all important information is handed over.

Garage & Gate Codes

  • Gate Code: 1986
  • Main Garage:
    • Open: 1986
    • Close: 1987
  • Photo Storage Garage:
    • Open: 1986
    • Close: 1987



Company: Keylock Security Specialists, Inc


Leisl Hite
(805) 481-8841



Company: A&J Refrigeration




Company: Culligan Water (Santa Maria)


  • Phone: 805.922.3585 
  • Account #: 747311-1 
  • Route: 01J-21.00 – Delivery every 2 weeks



Company: San Luis Garbage

  • Our address is listed as “Creekside Lofts at 1149 Marsh Street” 
  • Trash Pickup: Thursday (i.e take out Wednesday evening)



  • Network:M&A WiFi – 5G
  • Password: kaidakaida


IT, Internet & Phone Support

Company: The Phone Zone


Scott Herrera
(805) 801-8472


First step when having internet or IT issues is to contact the Studio Manager, as it can usually be resolved internally. When having to ladder up, Scott’s our guy


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